Mobile Web Design Trends 2021

Mobile Web Design (MWD) Trends keep varying from month to month, year on year. This is reflected in Mobile Web Design Trends 2021.

Top Trends

Some interesting Mobile Web Design Trends 2021 are as follows:

  • Minimalism: Web Design has had this feature for quite some now, but it has always focused on wide white spaces, as in Apple iPhones. But in 2021, the trending is on colorful Minimalism. A bold background color can still be minimalistic, as Shopify has repeatedly demonstrated, particularly this year. A page can grab attention by the brightness of its open background, and the simplicity of its foreground text and graphics. It is also known as “Flat Design”.
  • Material Design: Web Design traditionally tends to look flat in order to highlight the message, but this is not a necessity. But Google has been showing since 2014 that color and shadows can be used to mimic reality in the physical world, and this year’s Google are even better and have more solidity than before. Their software suit and icons are perfect example of Material Design in 2021.
  • Bold Color: Web Design Trends this year is all about strong and colorful images and backgrounds. Bold color can express mood better than dimmed underdone shades. Saturated Colors can focus instant attention on the subject, and impress the Viewer with the message faster. The popular sparkling water company Bubly uses Bold Color with great elan, and draws Viewers eyes addictively to the high coloration of its subjects.
  • Bold Fonts: Web Design Fonts have veered to very bold Typography this year. It is now overtaking the Imagery in conveying the Message faster, and often more effectively to the Visitor. With neutral colors, the Fonts take over the job of image making and creating the impression, generally quite successfully.
  • Data Visualization: Data Communication, especially when its Big data, is often quite dull and boring. But Mobile Web Designers have come up with ways to turn even this into interesting patterns and images by Visualization techniques that engage the Reader and creates interest in learning about the brand. Some of the methods are the use of infographics and graphs to create instant focus on the brand and product.
  • Mood Colors: Web Designers need to be adept in color psychology these days, to be able to evoke the mood necessary to transmit the message effectively to the Reader. Individual Perception determines our interpretation of Color, but there are certain common basic precepts that have developed over the centuries, which are now part and parcel of our natural responses, and which follow certain rules. Certain shades of Color evoke specific responses in the Reader. We allot iconic values to Colors, such that – Green denotes Nature and Red symbolizes Energy and Aggression. In 2021, Web Designers will stress the use of Mood colors to create pre-planned ambiences.
  • Vintage Colors & Typography: As we get older, the past becomes more attractive to us. Nostalgia is an emotion that is often associated with certain colors and fonts. But creating straight forward throwbacks to the past may only create a negative effect on the audience. In 2021, the trend is to mix the past with the modern, stylishly, so that there is a vintage-inspired modernity to the presentation. And hence an ultra trendy look.
  • Organic Shapes: In 2019, the trend was all about geometric shapes. But in 2021, the sharp geometric images have all but vanished. Straight lines and hard corners are out. Instead, in line with nature’s own shapes such as, the hills or the lake-side, fluid asymmetric shapes dominate in 2021. Instead of harsh lines or angles, the naturalness of fluid shapes is considered trendy in 2021.
  • Thumb-Navigation: More and more Users navigate with their thumb on the touch screen of a smart phone. Web Designers in 2021 are therefore placing much of the navigation area well in reach of the thumb. This improves the User’s UX tenfold.
  • Dark Mode: Incessant use of the mobile screen is bound to cause severe eye strain. The Dark Mode web designs not only help to reduce eye strain, they create focus points that stand out against the darkened background and help the reader concentrate better.