How To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Online

Web Owners seeking changes in their Websites sometimes use temporary expertise. Knowing How To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Online is therefore critical to success here.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

Web Developers, particularly those who are freelance, focus on specified aspects of Web Development. In general, these are:

  • To build Websites to Capture Leads.
  • To make a Website Mobile Responsive.
  • Design Mobile Responsive Website.

Some of the immediate advantages of hiring Freelance are:

  • The Site Owner’s attention remains focused on his real job, and is not diverted from the real business of online selling.
  • Freelance Hiring can be at a fraction of the cost of engaging permanent employees.
  • Using specialists with reference, there will be no room for regrets. Talented Web Developers can be located through highly reputed Agencies.
  • There is no regular monthly financial burden to the Site Owner, only payment at actuals. This results in massive savings overall.

Typical Main Categories are as follows:

  • Local Services & Jobs
  • Translation & Languages
  • Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
  • Freight, Shipping & Transportation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Websites, IT & Software
  • Engineering & Science
  • Data Entry & Admin
  • Design, Media & Architecture
  • Writing & Content
  • Mobile Phones & Computing
  • Product Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Other (Podcasting, Appointment Setting, Fluid Dynamics…anything goes)

How To Hire A Freelancer

To hire a Web Developer, one must first establish the target mentally. What is to be accomplished? Why Freelance, and not Permanent? Given the number of User-Friendly Content management systems available these days, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, the Site Owners could definitely have a go at Web Developing themselves. Website Builders like Wix help anyone create a site by simple drag and drop. But, Site Owners cannot generally afford the time for web development by themselves. Any diversion may mean weakening of his main focus, and actually losing out. At the same time, timely technical assistance may be required for some of the more technically advanced areas, for which professional web developers may become necessary. But in both cases, it is important to know how to find, hire and work with a Web Developer (read, Freelance).

Most commonly, tasks for website changes come from two different areas: Design and Functionality/Coding. While the former may involve anything from redesigning the logo to overhauling the whole page, the latter may mean making changes to the website management panel, and so on. Different people are required for separate tasks. First the job profile must be clearly delineated. Doing this, will help eliminate wrong candidates and weed out those who are not qualified for the job. Keeping it vague may result in placing the wrong candidates in a sensitive position. It will also save time up-front, as the appointee/s can commence implementing the project immediately. It will also allow the candidates to better estimate the time and costs in advance, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs.

Once it is clear about the changes needed on the website, it is time to choose between the two types of Web Developer, a Developer and Designer. A Designer creates the look of the website, with assets like Icons, Images etc. Photoshop and other Graphic Design programs are their area of expertise. The Graphic Designer creates the ‘look’. Others develop the actual website based on it. These are Web Developers, and their expertise includes Mark up Languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, a Developer is an expert on writing Code, and work with Code Editors and other development related tools. While there are Front End and Back End Developers, the site owner looking for Freelance assistance is generally looking for a full-stack Developer, who can handle both areas.

It should be remembered that Freelance Web Developers are best used for one-off jobs, where the expenses are limited to the duration of the job itself.

Best Online Hiring Sites

Hiring Sites have the expertise and reputation to help select the best Freelance Developers for a particular job or project. Some of the best hiring sites are:

  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • 99designs
  • WP Curve
  • Outsourcely
  • Dribbble
  • Craigslist
  • Stack Overflow Jobs
  • Authentic Jobs
  • remote OK
  • Squarespace specialist
  • Wiks arena
  • Shopify experts
  • WordPress job board


Just choosing the Freelance Web Developer is never enough. One must next estimate the cost of the website project. This is one of the hardest steps. Skill and experience level of the Developer and the size and complexity of the project, the type of job portal used to locate the Developer, and where the Developer is based, all play a part in this calculation. And this in short is the answer to — how to hire a freelance web developer online.