Web Design & Web Development

In most of the scenarios, web design and web development are used interchangeably. Businesses usually search for both web development and web design companies. There is one more alternative word used which combines these two types and that is web companies. But these two terms actually represent two completely different aspects included in the website building process. These can also be explained as two unique skills required for website development.

Web Development vs Web Design

When we say web design it is representing two things. One is the aesthetic portion of web development and the other is the usability of the website. Web designs make use of varieties of design programs like Adobe Photoshop. They make use of design programs for creating all types of visual elements and layout of the website.

But on the other hand, wed developers start with the designed website by web designer and they take care of the actual functioning of that website. Web developers make use of CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript including many other programming languages. Using all these web developers gives life to the website.

A Closer Look at Web Design

Web designers should star the design by considering the objectives of the client. Using this they should create an information architecture for a website. In the next step, they should start with the web design process. Initially, they create wireframes and in the end, they move to the actual design stage. Web designers follow a lot of design principles for achieving a pleasing layout keeping in mind the user experience.

Balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity are major principles followed by web designers.

  • Most important thing is, web designers should create a balanced layout. The layout should include both heavy and light elements
  • Next thing is contrast and there are many areas in web design where contrast is applicable
  • Consistency or rhythm should be followed by web designers which are very important in website designing
  • There will be various parts in a website and unity should be shown among them

A Closer Look At Web Development

Web developers are programmers who take care of bringing a website into function. They should start with the design which is created by web designers and build the website which functions in real-time. For example, design can be understood as a picture without any function. Developers start breaking it and create easily understandable components. After this, they utilize HTML and other dynamic programming languages like PHP for developing website pages.

There are many websites which even demand CMS or content management systems along with Joomla and WordPress. These systems will help in streamlining the development. When CMS is used, clients can easily handle the update and maintenance job on their own without the need for actual website developers.

Web developers are programmers who can convert a static layout given by web designers into a dynamic website. They make use of images, content sliders, and programming language code in website development. They should also provide buttons, links, and other interactive elements in webpages.

There are many things to understand about website development. Both web designers and web developers play a major role in website development.