Our Favorite DIY Website Builder Platforms

What Are the Various DIY Website Builder Platforms?

For starting a website without hiring a developer, website builders are a perfect solution for the individuals. It can be tricky for the beginners to find the best DIY website builder. As you can find many numbers of website builders on the internet market. It is important to know which website builder is best for starting a website. When you compare different website builders you can be easily capable in finding the right website builder. Before picking the right website builder, you need to write your objectives and what you would like to do on the website etc. Many website builders offer a user interface of drag and drop. Test drive before you make your final choice. You are required to ensure the website builder you will be choosing must satisfy your requirements as your business grows and enhances towards the future. Sometimes DIY website builder platforms come with a stigma, but the majority of the websites on the web are built on these platforms. All types of websites in all types of niches including ecommerce sites, blogs, and even adult sites. Check out an example of a top hookup site completely developed with a DIY website builder platform. With that being said, let’s look at the best DIY website builder platforms.

Constant Contact

It is an AI intelligent website builder platform which guides you in constructing a custom website in fraction of minutes. For non-technical small businesses, this approach is a dream come into reality. It is well known as service of email marketing worldwide. You can utilize this platform’s guided wizard of AI for creating a complete custom website with content suggestions and personalized image. It is a drag and drop user interface platform. To make your website look stunningly, you can pick the professional quality pictures from their library.

Your website looks great on all of the devices as all the templates are user friendly. Other highlights involve lead capture forms, ecommerce, website analytics, and logo maker etc. It is a free website where you can blog or create a site. The ecosystem of this site is small, so there are no extensions of third party. You will have to upgrade to the paid plan if you want to join a custom domain. You will get a free domain when you upgrade it.


It is the prominent website building platforms where thrity five percent of them are from wordpress. It is popular due to its scalability, simple to use, and powerful highlights. It is an open source and free website builder. This means you can use it with maximum control contrasted with any other website builders. It can be utilized in building a website. You can find premade themes of wordpress that you can utilize for your design of website. It also consists of incredible beaver builder, divi, and drag and drop page builders which enables you in producing your own layout of pages. You can get access to many plugins like contact forms, social media tools, and photo gallery etc.

It manages your personal website which means it is that you have to familiarize with fresh system. You should always need to be upgraded up with the plugin updates, wordpress updates, and produce backups. Check out this video to get an idea of just how easy it can be to build your own website:


It is the prominent online website builder platform which was produced by hostgator. It is one of the largest providers of web hosting. It is the perfect website builder for small businesses. Which is a website building and hosting solution. This is a platform of fully hosted one where you do not fret about backups, upgrades, and software. You can choose from 200+ websites themes for making your website visually attractive.

Every design comes with options of simple customization that you can configure from the builder. You can edit the product with click interface and simple point. You can have interface of drag and drop for the items like contact forms, videos, and photos etc. It doesn’t offer a free plan. You cannot be able to hire a web developer or add fresh highlights in this website builder platform.


It is the better ecommerce website builder platform. You don’t need to fret about security, upgrades, and speed of website. They manage the technical and server side of the website. BigCommerce is the platform for you which will allow you in creating online store sales. It has native integration with the wordpress which enables you to leverage the wordpress flexibility.

You can begin here with many templates which are premade and personalize it for meeting your requirements utilizing drag and drop interface. It comes with many highlights which are built in like enhances item search, card abandonment, and item reviews etc. The pricing is higher for this website builder platform than other website builders.

Site Builder

It lets you create small business website easily. It has easy drag and drop interface to make your website. You can start creating the website using different templates available on this platform. The templates are optimized for tablets, mobiles, and computers. Your website will look great on every one of the devices. It has powerful highlights like ecommerce, website analytics, and capability to add a blog to any website and provides free domains with all of the plans. For technical assistance it offers phone support for assisting technically and live chat, so that you can simply begin building website.

It doesn’t have a free option website building. They do provide a 14-day cash guarantee in case if you are not that much happy with the item. This platform’s extension ecosystem is little and cannot hire a developer for building highlights like wordpress as it is not open source platform.


It is another common website builder platform for ecommerce. It is complete hosted solution so you don’t need to maintain software, keeping backups, and installing upgrades etc. It provides a solution of integrated payment called shopify payments. For accepting the payment, you may add third party payment gateways. It is designed with management of full inventory, powerful stats, and simple solutions of marketing etc. You can find hundreds of choices of design to create your website. You might find this platform a bit pricy than other website builder platforms.

Thus, these are some of the best DIY website builder platforms where you can create your own website with great highlights using different templates.

Choosing Reputable Online Web Development Schools

A lot of people have a choice to make their career in web development today. It is an easy and good way to create your business from anywhere but the condition is that you must have a good knowledge of any programming languages. There are so many online courses are there provided by top global schools where you can learn with certification. The web development field is now much popular between the young generations. The purpose of web development is to create websites by using any programming language that you like and it makes the viewer comfortable while using the website. The website that created should be easy to understand by using easy navigations. If we talk about today’s era people need to build more business with an excellent website. This may be the first communiqué between the company and the visitor. The best thing about the web development company is that you can view the website anytime anywhere in the world.

It is available 24×7 to get any information available on the website. Web development courses are offers to all those people who want to design a website through different programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL etc. and many more. Web designing is a way to earn smart money online these days. For every business now it is important to develop their website which helps you to make your business more effective and popular. Developing some basic skills can allow online businesses to flourish without a need for outsourcing web design and development tasks. Many startup companies begin on DIY website platforms or basic web development techniques. Many adult sites go this route. Many of the best hookup apps like https://freefuckbookapp grew from simple sites with small user-bases to the largest adult dating sites on the net. There are so many courses are available like website designing, graphics designing, print designing and much more. PHP is a server-side programming language. Server-side programming is used to give a modified interface for the user. This technique is very popular in web development that includes scripts on the server-side and gives the response to every client that request the website. The website development is of two types one is a static website and the other is dynamic. A static site is generally written in normal HTML and the coding of [age displayed to the user. While in dynamic site the coding is done on the server-side with the help of some programming languages like PHP, ASP, and JSP etc. If somebody wants to learn web development from their home they should follow some steps:

  • First, get your mind prepared for learning the programming languages and make you ready for taking all the challenges. Web designing is the course that is based on practice. The more practice you do the more you will learn.
  • Register yourself by applying for the web development course in online web development schools.
  • Start reading the basics of web designing through online books, books in the market, downloading PDF files from school website etc. Some of the programming languages are command language so it is important to learn the commands for designing.
  • The web development school sites provide some professional to give online classes to the registered candidates.
  • You can attend those classes through the login id provided by the school.
  • Try to learn the web development course through videos available online along with the books.
  • First, explore the topic of web designing. Well, web designing is simply defined through the equation that is

Visual+ interaction= web design.

It can be explained as web designing is whole about the solution to the problem. It includes the features of a website like the art, science, skill of making the website functional and works on its look along with the number of ways to interact with the web pages.

Web designing and development is differing from each other. The web designing only involves all about the design of the website not coding while the development involves the coding of the website as well as front-end and back-end development. So it is suggested to learn some coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVA etc. if you are want to do only web designing.

  • Web development is not a simple task. It is somewhat challenging to build a plane page on the website. You can do it by setting your goal first. It is important for you to know what type of website you are going to design. It may be for e-commerce, product promotion, or any other project. Prepare a schedule for page designing. If you are working in a team they distribute the task among all.
  • Wireframing tools are used to create a sitemap. So give your thoughts a web face with the help of it.
  • Create content for web designing pages, their visuals, copies, and interactions. A finished website is creating in this phase.
  • After creating the website testing phase come which test your website whether it is ready to launch or not. All the feedback related to the website is collected in this phase.
  • After all the above phases the website is now ready to launch.

Mobile Web Design Trends 2021

Mobile Web Design (MWD) Trends keep varying from month to month, year on year. This is reflected in Mobile Web Design Trends 2021.

Top Trends

Some interesting Mobile Web Design Trends 2021 are as follows:

  • Minimalism: Web Design has had this feature for quite some now, but it has always focused on wide white spaces, as in Apple iPhones. But in 2021, the trending is on colorful Minimalism. A bold background color can still be minimalistic, as Shopify has repeatedly demonstrated, particularly this year. A page can grab attention by the brightness of its open background, and the simplicity of its foreground text and graphics. It is also known as “Flat Design”.
  • Material Design: Web Design traditionally tends to look flat in order to highlight the message, but this is not a necessity. But Google has been showing since 2014 that color and shadows can be used to mimic reality in the physical world, and this year’s Google are even better and have more solidity than before. Their software suit and icons are perfect example of Material Design in 2021.
  • Bold Color: Web Design Trends this year is all about strong and colorful images and backgrounds. Bold color can express mood better than dimmed underdone shades. Saturated Colors can focus instant attention on the subject, and impress the Viewer with the message faster. The popular sparkling water company Bubly uses Bold Color with great elan, and draws Viewers eyes addictively to the high coloration of its subjects.
  • Bold Fonts: Web Design Fonts have veered to very bold Typography this year. It is now overtaking the Imagery in conveying the Message faster, and often more effectively to the Visitor. With neutral colors, the Fonts take over the job of image making and creating the impression, generally quite successfully.
  • Data Visualization: Data Communication, especially when its Big data, is often quite dull and boring. But Mobile Web Designers have come up with ways to turn even this into interesting patterns and images by Visualization techniques that engage the Reader and creates interest in learning about the brand. Some of the methods are the use of infographics and graphs to create instant focus on the brand and product.
  • Mood Colors: Web Designers need to be adept in color psychology these days, to be able to evoke the mood necessary to transmit the message effectively to the Reader. Individual Perception determines our interpretation of Color, but there are certain common basic precepts that have developed over the centuries, which are now part and parcel of our natural responses, and which follow certain rules. Certain shades of Color evoke specific responses in the Reader. We allot iconic values to Colors, such that – Green denotes Nature and Red symbolizes Energy and Aggression. In 2021, Web Designers will stress the use of Mood colors to create pre-planned ambiences.
  • Vintage Colors & Typography: As we get older, the past becomes more attractive to us. Nostalgia is an emotion that is often associated with certain colors and fonts. But creating straight forward throwbacks to the past may only create a negative effect on the audience. In 2021, the trend is to mix the past with the modern, stylishly, so that there is a vintage-inspired modernity to the presentation. And hence an ultra trendy look.
  • Organic Shapes: In 2019, the trend was all about geometric shapes. But in 2021, the sharp geometric images have all but vanished. Straight lines and hard corners are out. Instead, in line with nature’s own shapes such as, the hills or the lake-side, fluid asymmetric shapes dominate in 2021. Instead of harsh lines or angles, the naturalness of fluid shapes is considered trendy in 2021.
  • Thumb-Navigation: More and more Users navigate with their thumb on the touch screen of a smart phone. Web Designers in 2021 are therefore placing much of the navigation area well in reach of the thumb. This improves the User’s UX tenfold.
  • Dark Mode: Incessant use of the mobile screen is bound to cause severe eye strain. The Dark Mode web designs not only help to reduce eye strain, they create focus points that stand out against the darkened background and help the reader concentrate better.

How To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Online

Web Owners seeking changes in their Websites sometimes use temporary expertise. Knowing How To Hire A Freelance Web Developer Online is therefore critical to success here.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

Web Developers, particularly those who are freelance, focus on specified aspects of Web Development. In general, these are:

  • To build Websites to Capture Leads.
  • To make a Website Mobile Responsive.
  • Design Mobile Responsive Website.

Some of the immediate advantages of hiring Freelance are:

  • The Site Owner’s attention remains focused on his real job, and is not diverted from the real business of online selling.
  • Freelance Hiring can be at a fraction of the cost of engaging permanent employees.
  • Using specialists with reference, there will be no room for regrets. Talented Web Developers can be located through highly reputed Agencies.
  • There is no regular monthly financial burden to the Site Owner, only payment at actuals. This results in massive savings overall.

Typical Main Categories are as follows:

  • Local Services & Jobs
  • Translation & Languages
  • Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
  • Freight, Shipping & Transportation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Websites, IT & Software
  • Engineering & Science
  • Data Entry & Admin
  • Design, Media & Architecture
  • Writing & Content
  • Mobile Phones & Computing
  • Product Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Other (Podcasting, Appointment Setting, Fluid Dynamics…anything goes)

How To Hire A Freelancer

To hire a Web Developer, one must first establish the target mentally. What is to be accomplished? Why Freelance, and not Permanent? Given the number of User-Friendly Content management systems available these days, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, the Site Owners could definitely have a go at Web Developing themselves. Website Builders like Wix help anyone create a site by simple drag and drop. But, Site Owners cannot generally afford the time for web development by themselves. Any diversion may mean weakening of his main focus, and actually losing out. At the same time, timely technical assistance may be required for some of the more technically advanced areas, for which professional web developers may become necessary. But in both cases, it is important to know how to find, hire and work with a Web Developer (read, Freelance).

Most commonly, tasks for website changes come from two different areas: Design and Functionality/Coding. While the former may involve anything from redesigning the logo to overhauling the whole page, the latter may mean making changes to the website management panel, and so on. Different people are required for separate tasks. First the job profile must be clearly delineated. Doing this, will help eliminate wrong candidates and weed out those who are not qualified for the job. Keeping it vague may result in placing the wrong candidates in a sensitive position. It will also save time up-front, as the appointee/s can commence implementing the project immediately. It will also allow the candidates to better estimate the time and costs in advance, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs.

Once it is clear about the changes needed on the website, it is time to choose between the two types of Web Developer, a Developer and Designer. A Designer creates the look of the website, with assets like Icons, Images etc. Photoshop and other Graphic Design programs are their area of expertise. The Graphic Designer creates the ‘look’. Others develop the actual website based on it. These are Web Developers, and their expertise includes Mark up Languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, a Developer is an expert on writing Code, and work with Code Editors and other development related tools. While there are Front End and Back End Developers, the site owner looking for Freelance assistance is generally looking for a full-stack Developer, who can handle both areas.

It should be remembered that Freelance Web Developers are best used for one-off jobs, where the expenses are limited to the duration of the job itself.

Best Online Hiring Sites

Hiring Sites have the expertise and reputation to help select the best Freelance Developers for a particular job or project. Some of the best hiring sites are:

  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • 99designs
  • WP Curve
  • Outsourcely
  • Dribbble
  • Craigslist
  • Stack Overflow Jobs
  • Authentic Jobs
  • remote OK
  • Squarespace specialist
  • Wiks arena
  • Shopify experts
  • WordPress job board


Just choosing the Freelance Web Developer is never enough. One must next estimate the cost of the website project. This is one of the hardest steps. Skill and experience level of the Developer and the size and complexity of the project, the type of job portal used to locate the Developer, and where the Developer is based, all play a part in this calculation. And this in short is the answer to — how to hire a freelance web developer online.

Web Design & Web Development

In most of the scenarios, web design and web development are used interchangeably. Businesses usually search for both web development and web design companies. There is one more alternative word used which combines these two types and that is web companies. But these two terms actually represent two completely different aspects included in the website building process. These can also be explained as two unique skills required for website development.

Web Development vs Web Design

When we say web design it is representing two things. One is the aesthetic portion of web development and the other is the usability of the website. Web designs make use of varieties of design programs like Adobe Photoshop. They make use of design programs for creating all types of visual elements and layout of the website.

But on the other hand, wed developers start with the designed website by web designer and they take care of the actual functioning of that website. Web developers make use of CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript including many other programming languages. Using all these web developers gives life to the website.

A Closer Look at Web Design

Web designers should star the design by considering the objectives of the client. Using this they should create an information architecture for a website. In the next step, they should start with the web design process. Initially, they create wireframes and in the end, they move to the actual design stage. Web designers follow a lot of design principles for achieving a pleasing layout keeping in mind the user experience.

Balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity are major principles followed by web designers.

  • Most important thing is, web designers should create a balanced layout. The layout should include both heavy and light elements
  • Next thing is contrast and there are many areas in web design where contrast is applicable
  • Consistency or rhythm should be followed by web designers which are very important in website designing
  • There will be various parts in a website and unity should be shown among them

A Closer Look At Web Development

Web developers are programmers who take care of bringing a website into function. They should start with the design which is created by web designers and build the website which functions in real-time. For example, design can be understood as a picture without any function. Developers start breaking it and create easily understandable components. After this, they utilize HTML and other dynamic programming languages like PHP for developing website pages.

There are many websites which even demand CMS or content management systems along with Joomla and WordPress. These systems will help in streamlining the development. When CMS is used, clients can easily handle the update and maintenance job on their own without the need for actual website developers.

Web developers are programmers who can convert a static layout given by web designers into a dynamic website. They make use of images, content sliders, and programming language code in website development. They should also provide buttons, links, and other interactive elements in webpages.

There are many things to understand about website development. Both web designers and web developers play a major role in website development.